Business communication training

I’ll make  the best training partner to develop talent within your organization. I provide subsidiaries of international corporations located in Poland with:

- Negotiation training

 -Business communication training

-  Cross-culturaltraining

- Cross-culturaltraining on managing Polish employees

- Cross-cultural training on negotiating in Poland

- Cross-culturalcoaching  on managing Polish employees

- Cross-culturalcoaching  on Polish negotiation style

I have over 10years of extensive international experience in corporate training and education.  I have worked as an entrepreneur, manager, consultant and academic. I’m a lifelong learner & coachand have a history of generating customer satisfaction to hundreds of both government & corporate clients in Europe.  I'm passionate about cross-cultural negotiation, management as well as organizational communication. I have published over 50 scientific articles and copious articles in the business press vis-à-vis collaboration between education and business.

I trained and consulted members of such institutions as:

US Army, National Security Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of the Interior,  National Defence Univeristy, General Command of the Armed Forces, Chancellery of the Sejm, The Chancellery of the Prime Minister, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, IBM, Infosys and many, many others.


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